Welcome to Q9 Group of Companies

Q9 Group of Companies, we are offering sustainable power systems. Harnessing the renewable energy, we offer power solutions that are environment-friendly and economical. Q9 offers high-quality services and exceptional assistance at competitive prices. Carefully picking installations and products.

Power and Energy

Q9 Energy Infra established to be part of the solution, offering clean energy generation systems powered by the sun in low-cost, renewable energy.

Investor and Funding

Q9 Solution is a single roof services company, serving customers worldwide in various fields of corporate and money management.

Waste Management

Working within the industrial, commercial and residential areas of the food producing industries, we find smart solutions to collect, recover and recycle

We Are Aim To Provide Best Solutions In The Industry

Our Services:

  • Power and Energy.
  • Investor and Funding.
  • Organic Farming.
  • Waste Management.
  • Biomass Power Plant.
  • Antiques and Precious Items.